Walker's Healthy Pet is one of the country's leading independent natural pet food stores. Our mission is simple: to sell and fabricate only foods, treats and supplements that are made using quality ingredients. Our unique pet supplies are the latest in fashion and of the highest quality and design for easy, functional use.

Many pet foods manufactured in the United States use ingredients that are un-fit for human consumption. No wonder pets are suffering from skin problems, diabetes and “allergic reactions” just to name a few.

Walker's Healthy Pet believes that pets deserve to eat good quality foods formulated with the best possible ingredients for a normal, healthy and happy life.

We currently have stores in Washington. Resumes with cover letters are accepted in person at any of our locations.

Walker's Healthy Pet is dedicated to expanding our knowledge and expertise in natural animal health for the benefit of our customers and their companion animals. Currently, we offer a wide array of pet food ranging from the canned and bag formulas, to dehydrated pet foods, freeze dried foods, and raw diets.

Scott Price

Walker's Healthy Pet






Contact Information :

Walker’s Healthy Pet
Mount Vernon, WA

Store & Office Headquarters
& Storeage

Phone: 360.424.6200


For Vendors & Distributors only:  Fax: 360.424.6698







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